libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
PselUiSettingsV1 Struct Reference

Base UI settings for playerSelect. More...

#include <psel.h>

Data Fields

u32 mode
u32 pad
AccountUid invalid_uid_list [8]
 List of AccountUid. TODO: This is only correct for PselUiMode_UserSelector, for other modes this is a single uid, followed by mode-specific data (if any).
u64 application_id
 ApplicationId with pselShowUserSelectorForLauncher.
u8 is_network_service_account_required
u8 is_skip_enabled
u8 unk_x92
 Set to value 1 by pselShowUserSelectorForSystem / pselShowUserSelectorForLauncher.
u8 is_permitted
 isPermitted. With PselUiMode_UserSelector: enables the option to create a new user. Set to the output from accountIsUserRegistrationRequestPermitted with pselShowUserSelector*. When not set, a dialog will be displayed when the user attempts to create an user.
u8 show_skip_button
u8 additional_select
u8 unk_x96
 [2.0.0+] Set to PselUserSelectionSettingsForSystemService::enable_user_creation_button. pselShowUserSelectorForLauncher / pselShowUserSelector sets this to value 1.
u8 unk_x97
 [6.0.0+] Set to PselUserSelectionSettings::is_unqualified_user_selectable ^ 1.

Detailed Description

Base UI settings for playerSelect.

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