libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
PselUserSelectionSettings Struct Reference

UserSelectionSettings. More...

#include <psel.h>

Data Fields

AccountUid invalid_uid_list [8]
u8 is_skip_enabled
 isSkipEnabled. When set, the first user in invalid_uid_list must not be set, and additional_select must be 0. When enabled accountTrySelectUserWithoutInteraction will be used to select the user, in this case the applet will only be launched if accountTrySelectUserWithoutInteraction doesn't return an user.
u8 is_network_service_account_required
 isNetworkServiceAccountRequired. Whether the user needs to be linked to a Nintendo account.
u8 show_skip_button
 showSkipButton. Enables the option to skip user selection with a button.
u8 additional_select
u8 is_unqualified_user_selectable
 [6.0.0+] isUnqualifiedUserSelectable

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