libnx  v4.2.2
Data Fields
ThreadContext Struct Reference

Thread context structure (register dump) More...

#include <thread_context.h>

Data Fields

CpuRegister cpu_gprs [29]
 GPRs 0..28. Note: also contains AArch32 SPRs.
u64 fp
 Frame pointer (x29) (AArch64). For AArch32, check r11.
u64 lr
 Link register (x30) (AArch64). For AArch32, check r14.
u64 sp
 Stack pointer (AArch64). For AArch32, check r13.
CpuRegister pc
 Program counter.
u32 psr
 PSTATE or cpsr.
FpuRegister fpu_gprs [32]
 32 general-purpose NEON registers.
u32 fpcr
 Floating-point control register.
u32 fpsr
 Floating-point status register.
u64 tpidr
 EL0 Read/Write Software Thread ID Register.

Detailed Description

Thread context structure (register dump)

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