libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
PdmPlayEvent Struct Reference

PlayEvent. More...

#include <pdm.h>

Data Fields

union {
   struct {
      u32   program_id [2]
      union {
         struct {
            u32   version
 Application version.
         }   application
 For AppletId == AppletId_application.
         struct {
            u8   flag
 Set to 0x1 by pdm:ntfy cmd8, indicating that the below field is set to an input param.
            u8   mode
 Input value from pdm:ntfy cmd8, see LibAppletMode.
            u8   pad [2]
         }   applet
 For AppletId != AppletId_application.
         u32   data
      }   unk_x8
      u8   appletId
      u8   storageId
      u8   logPolicy
      u8   eventType
      u8   unused [0xc]
   }   applet
   struct {
      u32   uid [4]
      u32   application_id [2]
 ApplicationId, see below.
      u8   type
 0-1 to be listed by pdmqryQueryAccountEvent, or 2 to include the above ApplicationId.
   }   account
   struct {
      u8   value
 Input value from the pdm:ntfy command.
      u8   unused [0x1b]
   }   powerStateChange
   struct {
      u8   value
 Input value from the pdm:ntfy command.
      u8   unused [0x1b]
   }   operationModeChange
   u8   data [0x1c]
 ProgramId/ApplicationId/userId stored within here have the u32 low/high swapped in each u64.
u8 playEventType
 PdmPlayEventType. Controls which struct in the above eventData is used. PdmPlayEventType_Initialize doesn't use eventData.
u64 timestampUser
 PosixTime timestamp from StandardUserSystemClock.
u64 timestampNetwork
 PosixTime timestamp from StandardNetworkSystemClock.
u64 timestampSteady
 Timestamp in seconds derived from StandardSteadyClock.

Detailed Description


This is the raw entry struct directly read from FS, without any entry filtering.

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