libnx  v4.2.2
Data Fields
IrsImageTransferProcessorExConfig Struct Reference

ImageTransferProcessorExConfig. More...

#include <irs.h>

Data Fields

u64 exposure_time
 IR Sensor exposure time in nanoseconds.
u32 light_target
 Controls the IR leds. 0: All leds, 1: Bright group, 2: Dim group, 3: None.
u32 gain
 IR sensor signal's digital gain.
u8 is_negative_image_used
 Inverts the colors of the captured image. 0: Normal image, 1: Negative image.
u8 reserved [0x7]
u32 orig_format
 OrigFormat IrsImageTransferProcessorFormat.
u32 trimming_format
 TrimmingFormat IrsImageTransferProcessorFormat.
u16 trimming_start_x
u16 trimming_start_y
u8 is_external_light_filter_enabled

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