libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
UsbHsInterfaceFilter Struct Reference

Interface filtering struct. More...

#include <usbhs.h>

Data Fields

u16 Flags
 See UsbHsInterfaceFilterFlags. Setting this to 0 is equivalent to disabling filtering.
u16 idVendor
u16 idProduct
u16 bcdDevice_Min
 Descriptor value must be >= bcdDevice_Min.
u16 bcdDevice_Max
 Descriptor value must be <= bcdDevice_Max.
u8 bDeviceClass
u8 bDeviceSubClass
u8 bDeviceProtocol
u8 bInterfaceClass
u8 bInterfaceSubClass
u8 bInterfaceProtocol

Detailed Description

Interface filtering struct.

When the associated flag bit is set, the associated descriptor field and struct field are compared, on mismatch the interface is filtered out. [7.0.0+]: The filter struct has to be unique, it can't be used by anything else (including other processes). Hence, Flags has to be non-zero. When initialized with usb:hs:a and VID and/or PID filtering is enabled, the VID/PID will be checked against a blacklist.

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