libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
SwkbdArgCommon Struct Reference

Base swkbd arg struct. More...

#include <swkbd.h>

Data Fields

SwkbdType type
 See SwkbdType.
u16 okButtonText [18/2]
u16 leftButtonText
u16 rightButtonText
u8 dicFlag
 Enables dictionary usage when non-zero (including the system dictionary).
u8 pad_x1b
u32 keySetDisableBitmask
 See SwkbdKeyDisableBitmask_*.
u32 initialCursorPos
 Initial cursor position in the string: 0 = start, 1 = end.
u16 headerText [130/2]
u16 subText [258/2]
u16 guideText [514/2]
u16 pad_x3aa
u32 stringLenMax
 When non-zero, specifies the max string length. When the input is too long, swkbd will stop accepting more input until text is deleted via the B button (Backspace). See also SwkbdTextDrawType.
u32 stringLenMin
 When non-zero, specifies the min string length. When the input is too short, swkbd will display an icon and disable the ok-button.
u32 passwordFlag
 Use password: 0 = disable, 1 = enable.
SwkbdTextDrawType textDrawType
 See SwkbdTextDrawType.
u16 returnButtonFlag
 Controls whether the Return button is enabled, for newlines input. 0 = disabled, non-zero = enabled.
u8 blurBackground
 When enabled with value 1, the background is blurred.
u8 pad_x3bf
u32 initialStringOffset
u32 initialStringSize
u32 userDicOffset
s32 userDicEntries
u8 textCheckFlag

Detailed Description

Base swkbd arg struct.

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