libnx  v4.2.2
Data Fields
SetSysNetworkSettings Struct Reference

NetworkSettings. More...

#include <set.h>

Data Fields

char name [0x40]
Uuid uuid
u32 connection_flags
 Bitmask with SetSysConnectionFlag.
u32 wired_flag
u32 connect_to_hidden_network
 Bitmask with UseStealthNetworkFlag.
char access_point_ssid [0x20]
u32 access_point_ssid_len
u32 access_point_security_type
 Bitmask with SetSysAccessPointSecurityType.
u32 access_point_security_standard
 Bitmask with SetSysAccessPointSecurityStandard.
char access_point_passphrase [0x40]
u32 access_point_passphrase_len
u32 auto_settings
 Bitmask with SetSysAutoSettings.
u32 manual_ip_address
u32 manual_subnet_mask
u32 manual_gateway
u32 primary_dns
u32 secondary_dns
u32 proxy_flags
 Bitmask with SetSysProxyFlags.
char proxy_server [0x80]
u16 proxy_port
u16 padding1
char proxy_autoauth_user [0x20]
char proxy_autoauth_pass [0x20]
u16 mtu
u16 padding2

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