libnx  v4.4.2
Data Fields
LdnNetworkInfo Struct Reference

NetworkInfo. More...

#include <ldn.h>

Data Fields

u64 local_communication_id
u8 reserved_x8 [0x2]
u16 userdata_filter
 Arbitrary user data which can be used for filtering with LdnScanFilter.
u8 reserved_xC [0x4]
u8 network_id [0x10]
 LdnSecurityParameter::network_id. NetworkId which is used to generate/overwrite the ssid. With ldnScan / ldnScanPrivate, this is only done after filtering when unk_x4B is value 0x2.
LdnMacAddress mac_addr
LdnSsid ssid
s16 network_channel
s8 link_level
u8 unk_x4B
 Unknown. Set to hard-coded value 0x2 with output structs, except with ldnScan / ldnScanPrivate which can also set value 0x1 in certain cases.
u8 pad_x4C [0x4]
u8 sec_param_data [0x10]
u16 sec_type
u8 accept_policy
u8 unk_x63
 Only set with ldnScan / ldnScanPrivate, when unk_x4B is value 0x2.
u8 pad_x64 [0x2]
s8 participant_max
 Maximum participants, for nodes.
u8 participant_num
 ParticipantNum, number of set entries in nodes. If unk_x4B is not 0x2, ParticipantNum should be handled as if it's 0.
LdnNodeInfo nodes [8]
 Array of LdnNodeInfo, starting with the AccessPoint node.
u8 reserved_x268 [0x2]
u16 advertise_data_size
 AdvertiseData size (ldnSetAdvertiseData)
u8 advertise_data [0x180]
 AdvertiseData (ldnSetAdvertiseData)
u8 reserved_x3EC [0x8C]
u64 auth_id
 Random AuthenticationId.

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