libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
HidsysNotificationLedPattern Struct Reference

Structure for hidsysSetNotificationLedPattern. More...

#include <hidsys.h>

Data Fields

u8 baseMiniCycleDuration
 Mini Cycle Base Duration. Value 0x1-0xF: 12.5ms - 187.5ms. Value 0x0 = 0ms/OFF.
u8 totalMiniCycles
 Number of Mini Cycles + 1. Value 0x0-0xF: 1 - 16 mini cycles.
u8 totalFullCycles
 Number of Full Cycles. Value 0x1-0xF: 1 - 15 full cycles. Value 0x0 is repeat forever, but if baseMiniCycleDuration is set to 0x0, it does the 1st Mini Cycle with a 12.5ms step duration and then the LED stays on with startIntensity.
u8 startIntensity
 LED Start Intensity. Value 0x0=0% - 0xF=100%.
HidsysNotificationLedPatternCycle miniCycles [16]
 Mini Cycles.
u8 unk_x44 [0x2]
u8 pad_x46 [0x2]

Detailed Description

Structure for hidsysSetNotificationLedPattern.

See also: Only the low 4bits of each used byte in this struct is used.

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