libnx  v4.4.2
Data Fields
HiddbgHdlsState Struct Reference

HdlsState, for [12.0.0+]. More...

#include <hiddbg.h>

Data Fields

u32 battery_level
 BatteryLevel for the main PowerInfo, see HidPowerInfo.
u32 flags
 Used to set the main PowerInfo for HidNpadSystemProperties. BIT(0) -> IsPowered, BIT(1) -> IsCharging.
u64 buttons
 See HiddbgNpadButton. [9.0.0+] Masked with 0xfffffffff00fffff.
HidAnalogStickState analog_stick_l
HidAnalogStickState analog_stick_r
HidVector six_axis_sensor_acceleration
HidVector six_axis_sensor_angle
u32 attribute
 Bitfield of HiddbgHdlsAttribute.
u8 indicator
 Indicator. Unused for input.
u8 padding [0x3]

Detailed Description

HdlsState, for [12.0.0+].

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