libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
HiddbgHdlsDeviceInfoV7 Struct Reference

HdlsDeviceInfo, for [7.0.0-8.1.0]. More...

#include <hiddbg.h>

Data Fields

u32 deviceTypeInternal
 Only one bit can be set. BIT(N*4+0) = Pro-Controller, BIT(N*4+1) = Joy-Con Left, BIT(N*4+2) = Joy-Con Right, BIT(N*4+3) = invalid. Where N is 0-1. BIT(8-10) = Pro-Controller, BIT(11) = Famicom-Controller, BIT(12) = Famicom-Controller II with microphone, BIT(13) = NES-Controller(DeviceType=0x200), BIT(14) = NES-Controller(DeviceType=0x400), BIT(15-16) = invalid, BIT(17) = unknown(DeviceType=0x8000), BIT(18-20) = invalid, BIT(21-23) = unknown(DeviceType=0x80000000).
u32 singleColorBody
 RGBA Single Body Color.
u32 singleColorButtons
 RGBA Single Buttons Color.
u8 npadInterfaceType
 HidNpadInterfaceType. Additional type field used with the above type field (only applies to type bit0-bit2 and bit21), if the value doesn't match one of the following a default is used. Type Pro-Controller: value 0x3 indicates that the controller is connected via USB. Type BIT(21): value 0x3 = unknown. When value is 0x2, state is merged with an existing controller (when the type value is compatible with this). Otherwise, it's a dedicated controller.
u8 pad [0x3]

Detailed Description

HdlsDeviceInfo, for [7.0.0-8.1.0].

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