libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
HiddbgAbstractedPadState Struct Reference

AbstractedPadState. More...

#include <hiddbg.h>

Data Fields

u32 type
 Type. Converted to HiddbgHdlsDeviceInfoV7::type internally by hiddbgSetAutoPilotVirtualPadState. BIT(0) -> BIT(0), BIT(1) -> BIT(15), BIT(2-3) -> BIT(1-2), BIT(4-5) -> BIT(1-2), BIT(6) -> BIT(3). BIT(7-11) -> BIT(11-15), BIT(12-14) -> BIT(12-14), BIT(15) -> BIT(17), BIT(31) -> BIT(21).
u8 flags
 Flags. Only bit0 is used by hiddbgSetAutoPilotVirtualPadState, when clear it will skip using the rest of the input and run hiddbgUnsetAutoPilotVirtualPadState internally.
u8 pad [0x3]
u32 singleColorBody
 RGBA Single Body Color.
u32 singleColorButtons
 RGBA Single Buttons Color.
u8 npadInterfaceType
 See HiddbgHdlsDeviceInfo::npadInterfaceType.
u8 pad2 [0x3]
HiddbgHdlsStateV7 state
u8 unused [0x60]
 Unused with hiddbgSetAutoPilotVirtualPadState. Not set by hiddbgGetAbstractedPadsState.

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