libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
HidLaControllerSupportArgHeader Struct Reference

Common header used by HidLaControllerSupportArg*. More...

#include <hid_la.h>

Data Fields

s8 player_count_min
 playerCountMin. Must be >=0 and <=max_supported_players.
s8 player_count_max
 playerCountMax. Must be >=1 and <=max_supported_players.
u8 enable_take_over_connection
 enableTakeOverConnection, non-zero to enable. Disconnects the controllers when not enabled.
u8 enable_left_justify
 enableLeftJustify, non-zero to enable.
u8 enable_permit_joy_dual
 enablePermitJoyDual, non-zero to enable.
u8 enable_single_mode
 enableSingleMode, non-zero to enable. Enables using a single player in handheld-mode, dual-mode, or single-mode (player_count_* are overridden). Using handheld-mode is not allowed if this is not enabled.
u8 enable_identification_color
 When non-zero enables using identification_color.

Detailed Description

Common header used by HidLaControllerSupportArg*.

max_supported_players is 4 on pre-8.0.0, 8 on [8.0.0+]. player_count_min and player_count_max are overriden with value 4 when larger than value 4, during conversion handling for HidLaControllerSupportArg on pre-8.0.0.

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