libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
GrcMovieMaker Struct Reference

IMovieMaker. More...

#include <grc.h>

Data Fields

Service a
 applet IMovieMaker
Service s
 grc IMovieMaker
Service video_proxy
 IHOSBinderDriver VideoProxy.
Event recording_event
 Output Event from GetOffscreenLayerRecordingFinishReadyEvent with autoclear=false.
Event audio_event
 Output Event from GetOffscreenLayerAudioEncodeReadyEvent with autoclear=false.
TransferMemory tmem
NWindow win
u64 layer_handle
bool layer_open
 Whether OpenOffscreenLayer was used successfully, indicating that CloseOffscreenLayer should be used during grcMovieMakerClose.
bool started_flag
 Whether grcMovieMakerStart was used successfully. This is also used by grcMovieMakerAbort.

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