libnx  v4.2.1
Data Fields
BtdrvAdapterPropertyOld Struct Reference

AdapterProperty [1.0.0-11.0.1]. More...

#include <btdrv_types.h>

Data Fields

BtdrvAddress addr
 Same as the data for BtdrvBluetoothPropertyType_Address.
BtdrvClassOfDevice class_of_device
 Same as the data for BtdrvBluetoothPropertyType_ClassOfDevice.
char name [0xF9]
 Same as the data for BtdrvBluetoothPropertyType_Name (last byte is not initialized).
u8 feature_set
 Set to hard-coded value 0x68 (same as the data for BtdrvBluetoothPropertyType_FeatureSet).

Detailed Description

AdapterProperty [1.0.0-11.0.1].

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