libnx  v4.2.2
Data Fields
AppletHolder Struct Reference

LibraryApplet state. More...

#include <applet.h>

Data Fields

Service s
Event StateChangedEvent
 Output from GetAppletStateChangedEvent, autoclear=false.
Event PopInteractiveOutDataEvent
 Output from GetPopInteractiveOutDataEvent, autoclear=false.
LibAppletMode mode
 See ref LibAppletMode.
u64 layer_handle
 Output from GetIndirectLayerConsumerHandle on [2.0.0+].
bool creating_self
 When set, indicates that the LibraryApplet is creating itself.
LibAppletExitReason exitreason
 Set by appletHolderJoin using the output from cmd GetResult, see LibAppletExitReason.

Detailed Description

LibraryApplet state.

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