libnx  v4.2.2
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pgl.h File Reference

PGL service IPC wrapper. More...

#include "../types.h"
#include "../sf/service.h"
#include "../sf/tipc.h"
#include "../services/ncm_types.h"
#include "../services/pm.h"

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Data Structures

struct  PglContentMetaInfo
union  PglEventObserver


enum  PglLaunchFlag {
  PglLaunchFlag_None = 0,
  PglLaunchFlag_EnableDetailedCrashReport = (1U<<( 0 )),
  PglLaunchFlag_EnableCrashReportScreenShotForProduction = (1U<<( 1 )),
  PglLaunchFlag_EnableCrashReportScreenShotForDevelop = (1U<<( 2 ))
enum  PglSnapShotDumpType {
  PglSnapShotDumpType_None = 0,
  PglSnapShotDumpType_Auto = 1,
  PglSnapShotDumpType_Full = 2


Result pglInitialize (void)
 Initialize pgl.
void pglExit (void)
 Exit pgl.
ServicepglGetServiceSessionCmif (void)
 Gets the Service object for the actual pgl service session. Requires < 12.0.0.
TipcServicepglGetServiceSessionTipc (void)
 Gets the TipcService object for the actual pgl service session. Requires 12.0.0+.
Result pglLaunchProgram (u64 *out_pid, const NcmProgramLocation *loc, u32 pm_launch_flags, u8 pgl_launch_flags)
Result pglTerminateProcess (u64 pid)
Result pglLaunchProgramFromHost (u64 *out_pid, const char *content_path, u32 pm_launch_flags)
Result pglGetHostContentMetaInfo (PglContentMetaInfo *out, const char *content_path)
Result pglGetApplicationProcessId (u64 *out)
Result pglBoostSystemMemoryResourceLimit (u64 size)
Result pglIsProcessTracked (bool *out, u64 pid)
Result pglEnableApplicationCrashReport (bool en)
Result pglIsApplicationCrashReportEnabled (bool *out)
Result pglEnableApplicationAllThreadDumpOnCrash (bool en)
Result pglTriggerApplicationSnapShotDumper (PglSnapShotDumpType dump_type, const char *arg)
Result pglGetEventObserver (PglEventObserver *out)
Result pglEventObserverGetProcessEvent (PglEventObserver *observer, Event *out)
Result pglEventObserverGetProcessEventInfo (PglEventObserver *observer, PmProcessEventInfo *out)
void pglEventObserverClose (PglEventObserver *observer)

Detailed Description

PGL service IPC wrapper.