libnx  v4.2.2
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hwopus.h File Reference

Hardware Opus audio service IPC wrapper. More...

#include "../types.h"
#include "../sf/service.h"
#include "../kernel/tmem.h"

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Data Structures

struct  HwopusDecoder
struct  HwopusHeader
 This structure is the start of opusin for hwopusDecodeInterleaved, with the actual opus packet following this. More...
struct  HwopusMultistreamState
 Used internally. More...


Result hwopusDecoderInitialize (HwopusDecoder *decoder, s32 SampleRate, s32 ChannelCount)
void hwopusDecoderExit (HwopusDecoder *decoder)
Result hwopusDecoderMultistreamInitialize (HwopusDecoder *decoder, s32 SampleRate, s32 ChannelCount, s32 TotalStreamCount, s32 StereoStreamCount, u8 *channel_mapping)
 Only available on [3.0.0+]. More...
Result hwopusDecodeInterleaved (HwopusDecoder *decoder, s32 *DecodedDataSize, s32 *DecodedSampleCount, const void *opusin, size_t opusin_size, s16 *pcmbuf, size_t pcmbuf_size)
 Decodes opus data.

Detailed Description

Hardware Opus audio service IPC wrapper.


Function Documentation

◆ hwopusDecoderMultistreamInitialize()

Result hwopusDecoderMultistreamInitialize ( HwopusDecoder decoder,
s32  SampleRate,
s32  ChannelCount,
s32  TotalStreamCount,
s32  StereoStreamCount,
u8 channel_mapping 

Only available on [3.0.0+].

See libopus multistream docs.