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driver.h File Reference

Audio driver (audren wrapper). More...

#include "../services/audren.h"

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Data Structures

struct  AudioDriver
struct  AudioDriverWaveBuf


typedef struct AudioDriverEtc AudioDriverEtc


enum  AudioDriverWaveBufState {


Result audrvCreate (AudioDriver *d, const AudioRendererConfig *config, int num_final_mix_channels)
Result audrvUpdate (AudioDriver *d)
void audrvClose (AudioDriver *d)
int audrvMemPoolAdd (AudioDriver *d, void *buffer, size_t size)
bool audrvMemPoolRemove (AudioDriver *d, int id)
bool audrvMemPoolAttach (AudioDriver *d, int id)
bool audrvMemPoolDetach (AudioDriver *d, int id)
bool audrvVoiceInit (AudioDriver *d, int id, int num_channels, PcmFormat format, int sample_rate)
void audrvVoiceDrop (AudioDriver *d, int id)
void audrvVoiceStop (AudioDriver *d, int id)
bool audrvVoiceIsPaused (AudioDriver *d, int id)
bool audrvVoiceIsPlaying (AudioDriver *d, int id)
bool audrvVoiceAddWaveBuf (AudioDriver *d, int id, AudioDriverWaveBuf *wavebuf)
u32 audrvVoiceGetWaveBufSeq (AudioDriver *d, int id)
u32 audrvVoiceGetPlayedSampleCount (AudioDriver *d, int id)
u32 audrvVoiceGetVoiceDropsCount (AudioDriver *d, int id)
void audrvVoiceSetBiquadFilter (AudioDriver *d, int id, int biquad_id, float a0, float a1, float a2, float b0, float b1, float b2)
static void audrvVoiceSetExtraParams (AudioDriver *d, int id, const void *params, size_t params_size)
static void audrvVoiceSetDestinationMix (AudioDriver *d, int id, int mix_id)
static void audrvVoiceSetMixFactor (AudioDriver *d, int id, float factor, int src_channel_id, int dest_channel_id)
static void audrvVoiceSetVolume (AudioDriver *d, int id, float volume)
static void audrvVoiceSetPitch (AudioDriver *d, int id, float pitch)
static void audrvVoiceSetPriority (AudioDriver *d, int id, int priority)
static void audrvVoiceClearBiquadFilter (AudioDriver *d, int id, int biquad_id)
static void audrvVoiceSetPaused (AudioDriver *d, int id, bool paused)
static void audrvVoiceStart (AudioDriver *d, int id)
int audrvMixAdd (AudioDriver *d, int sample_rate, int num_channels)
void audrvMixRemove (AudioDriver *d, int id)
static void audrvMixSetDestinationMix (AudioDriver *d, int id, int mix_id)
static void audrvMixSetMixFactor (AudioDriver *d, int id, float factor, int src_channel_id, int dest_channel_id)
static void audrvMixSetVolume (AudioDriver *d, int id, float volume)
int audrvDeviceSinkAdd (AudioDriver *d, const char *device_name, int num_channels, const u8 *channel_ids)
void audrvSinkRemove (AudioDriver *d, int id)

Detailed Description

Audio driver (audren wrapper).