libnx  v4.6.0
Data Fields
SetSysModeLine Struct Reference

Data Fields

u16 pixel_clock
 In 10 kHz units.
u8 horizontal_active_pixels_lsb
u8 horizontal_blanking_pixels_lsb
u8 horizontal_blanking_pixels_msb: 4
u8 horizontal_active_pixels_msb: 4
u8 vertical_active_lines_lsb
u8 vertical_blanking_lines_lsb
u8 vertical_blanking_lines_msb: 4
u8 vertical_active_lines_msb: 4
u8 horizontal_sync_offset_pixels_lsb
u8 horizontal_sync_pulse_width_pixels_lsb
u8 horizontal_sync_pulse_width_lines_lsb: 4
u8 horizontal_sync_offset_lines_lsb: 4
u8 vertical_sync_pulse_width_lines_msb: 2
u8 vertical_sync_offset_lines_msb: 2
u8 horizontal_sync_pulse_width_pixels_msb: 2
u8 horizontal_sync_offset_pixels_msb: 2
u8 horizontal_image_size_mm_lsb
u8 vertical_image_size_mm_lsb
u8 vertical_image_size_mm_msb: 4
u8 horizontal_image_size_mm_msb: 4
u8 horizontal_border_pixels
u8 vertical_border_lines
u8 features_bitmap_0: 1
u8 features_bitmap_1: 1
u8 features_bitmap_2: 1
u8 features_bitmap_34: 2
u8 features_bitmap_56: 2
u8 interlaced: 1

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