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sha256.h File Reference

Hardware accelerated SHA256 implementation. More...

#include "../types.h"

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Data Structures

struct  Sha256Context
 Context for SHA256 operations. More...


#define SHA256_HASH_SIZE   0x20
#define SHA256_BLOCK_SIZE   0x40


void sha256ContextCreate (Sha256Context *out)
 Initialize a SHA256 context.
void sha256ContextUpdate (Sha256Context *ctx, const void *src, size_t size)
 Updates SHA256 context with data to hash.
void sha256ContextGetHash (Sha256Context *ctx, void *dst)
 Gets the context's output hash, finalizes the context.
void sha256CalculateHash (void *dst, const void *src, size_t size)
 Simple all-in-one SHA256 calculator.

Detailed Description

Hardware accelerated SHA256 implementation.