libnx  v4.2.0
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1 /**
2  * @file sfdnsres.h
3  * @brief Domain name resolution service IPC wrapper. Please use the standard <netdb.h> interface instead.
4  * @author TuxSH
5  * @author fincs
6  * @copyright libnx Authors
7  */
8 #pragma once
9 #include "../types.h"
11 // SetDnsAddressesPrivateRequest & GetDnsAddressPrivateRequest are stubbed
13 Result sfdnsresGetHostByNameRequest(u32 cancel_handle, bool use_nsd, const char *name, u32 *h_errno_, u32 *errno_, void *out_buffer, size_t out_buffer_size, u32 *out_serialized_size);
14 Result sfdnsresGetHostByAddrRequest(const void *in_addr, size_t in_addr_len, u32 type, u32 cancel_handle, u32 *h_errno_, u32 *errno_, void *out_buffer, size_t out_buffer_size, u32 *out_serialized_size);
15 Result sfdnsresGetHostStringErrorRequest(u32 err, char *out_str, size_t out_str_size);
16 Result sfdnsresGetGaiStringErrorRequest(u32 err, char *out_str, size_t out_str_size);
17 Result sfdnsresGetAddrInfoRequest(u32 cancel_handle, bool use_nsd, const char *node, const char *service, const void *in_hints, size_t in_hints_size, void *out_buffer, size_t out_buffer_size, u32 *errno_, s32 *ret, u32 *out_serialized_size);
18 Result sfdnsresGetNameInfoRequest(u32 flags, const void *in_sa, size_t in_sa_size, char *out_host, size_t out_host_size, char *out_serv, size_t out_serv_len, u32 cancel_handle, u32 *errno_, s32 *ret);
19 Result sfdnsresGetCancelHandleRequest(u32 *out_handle);
20 Result sfdnsresCancelRequest(u32 handle);
int32_t s32
32-bit signed integer.
Definition: types.h:27
uint32_t u32
32-bit unsigned integer.
Definition: types.h:21
u32 Result
Function error code result type.
Definition: types.h:44