libnx  v4.2.2
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lr.h File Reference

Location Resolver (lr) service IPC wrapper. More...

#include "../types.h"
#include "../sf/service.h"
#include "../services/ncm_types.h"

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Data Structures

struct  LrLocationResolver
struct  LrRegisteredLocationResolver


Result lrInitialize (void)
 Initialize lr.
void lrExit (void)
 Exit lr.
ServicelrGetServiceSession (void)
 Gets the Service object for the actual lr service session.
Result lrOpenLocationResolver (NcmStorageId storage, LrLocationResolver *out)
Result lrOpenRegisteredLocationResolver (LrRegisteredLocationResolver *out)
Result lrLrResolveProgramPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, char *out)
Result lrLrRedirectProgramPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, const char *path)
Result lrLrResolveApplicationControlPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, char *out)
Result lrLrResolveApplicationHtmlDocumentPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, char *out)
Result lrLrResolveDataPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, char *out)
Result lrLrRedirectApplicationControlPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, u64 tid2, const char *path)
Result lrLrRedirectApplicationHtmlDocumentPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, u64 tid2, const char *path)
Result lrLrResolveApplicationLegalInformationPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, char *out)
Result lrLrRedirectApplicationLegalInformationPath (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid, u64 tid2, const char *path)
Result lrLrRefresh (LrLocationResolver *lr)
Result lrLrEraseProgramRedirection (LrLocationResolver *lr, u64 tid)
 Only available on [5.0.0+].
Result lrRegLrResolveProgramPath (LrRegisteredLocationResolver *reg, u64 tid, char *out)

Detailed Description

Location Resolver (lr) service IPC wrapper.