libnx  v4.2.2
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gpio.h File Reference

GPIO service IPC wrapper. More...

#include "../types.h"
#include "../kernel/event.h"
#include "../sf/service.h"

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Data Structures

struct  GpioPadSession


enum  GpioPadName {
  GpioPadName_AudioCodec = 1,
  GpioPadName_ButtonVolUp = 25,
  GpioPadName_ButtonVolDown = 26,
  GpioPadName_SdCd = 56
enum  GpioDirection {
  GpioDirection_Input = 0,
  GpioDirection_Output = 1
enum  GpioValue {
  GpioValue_Low = 0,
  GpioValue_High = 1
enum  GpioInterruptMode {
  GpioInterruptMode_LowLevel = 0,
  GpioInterruptMode_HighLevel = 1,
  GpioInterruptMode_RisingEdge = 2,
  GpioInterruptMode_FallingEdge = 3,
  GpioInterruptMode_AnyEdge = 4
enum  GpioInterruptStatus {
  GpioInterruptStatus_Inactive = 0,
  GpioInterruptStatus_Active = 1


Result gpioInitialize (void)
 Initialize gpio.
void gpioExit (void)
 Exit gpio.
ServicegpioGetServiceSession (void)
 Gets the Service object for the actual gpio service session.
Result gpioOpenSession (GpioPadSession *out, GpioPadName name)
Result gpioOpenSession2 (GpioPadSession *out, u32 device_code, u32 access_mode)
Result gpioIsWakeEventActive (bool *out, GpioPadName name)
Result gpioIsWakeEventActive2 (bool *out, u32 device_code)
Result gpioPadSetDirection (GpioPadSession *p, GpioDirection dir)
Result gpioPadGetDirection (GpioPadSession *p, GpioDirection *out)
Result gpioPadSetInterruptMode (GpioPadSession *p, GpioInterruptMode mode)
Result gpioPadGetInterruptMode (GpioPadSession *p, GpioInterruptMode *out)
Result gpioPadSetInterruptEnable (GpioPadSession *p, bool en)
Result gpioPadGetInterruptEnable (GpioPadSession *p, bool *out)
Result gpioPadGetInterruptStatus (GpioPadSession *p, GpioInterruptStatus *out)
Result gpioPadClearInterruptStatus (GpioPadSession *p)
Result gpioPadSetValue (GpioPadSession *p, GpioValue val)
Result gpioPadGetValue (GpioPadSession *p, GpioValue *out)
Result gpioPadBindInterrupt (GpioPadSession *p, Event *out)
Result gpioPadUnbindInterrupt (GpioPadSession *p)
Result gpioPadSetDebounceEnabled (GpioPadSession *p, bool en)
Result gpioPadGetDebounceEnabled (GpioPadSession *p, bool *out)
Result gpioPadSetDebounceTime (GpioPadSession *p, s32 ms)
Result gpioPadGetDebounceTime (GpioPadSession *p, s32 *out)
void gpioPadClose (GpioPadSession *p)

Detailed Description

GPIO service IPC wrapper.