libnx  v4.2.0
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clkrst.h File Reference

Clkrst service IPC wrapper. More...

#include "../types.h"
#include "../sf/service.h"
#include "../services/pcv.h"

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Data Structures

struct  ClkrstSession


Result clkrstInitialize (void)
 Initialize clkrst. Only available on [8.0.0+].
void clkrstExit (void)
 Exit clkrst.
ServiceclkrstGetServiceSession (void)
 Gets the Service object for the actual clkrst service session.
Result clkrstOpenSession (ClkrstSession *session_out, PcvModuleId module_id, u32 unk)
 Opens a ClkrstSession for the requested PcvModuleId, unk is set to 3 in official sysmodules.
void clkrstCloseSession (ClkrstSession *session)
Result clkrstSetClockRate (ClkrstSession *session, u32 hz)
Result clkrstGetClockRate (ClkrstSession *session, u32 *out_hz)

Detailed Description

Clkrst service IPC wrapper.