libnx  v4.2.2
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avm.h File Reference

AVM services IPC wrapper. Only available on [6.0.0+]. More...

#include "../types.h"
#include "../sf/service.h"

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Data Structures

struct  AvmVersionListEntry
struct  AvmRequiredVersionEntry
struct  AvmVersionListImporter


Result avmInitialize (void)
void avmExit (void)
ServiceavmGetServiceSession (void)
Result avmGetHighestAvailableVersion (u64 id_1, u64 id_2, u32 *version)
Result avmGetHighestRequiredVersion (u64 id_1, u64 id_2, u32 *version)
Result avmGetVersionListEntry (u64 application_id, AvmVersionListEntry *entry)
Result avmGetVersionListImporter (AvmVersionListImporter *out)
Result avmGetLaunchRequiredVersion (u64 application_id, u32 *version)
Result avmUpgradeLaunchRequiredVersion (u64 application_id, u32 version)
Result avmPushLaunchVersion (u64 application_id, u32 version)
Result avmListVersionList (AvmVersionListEntry *buffer, size_t count, u32 *out)
Result avmListRequiredVersion (AvmRequiredVersionEntry *buffer, size_t count, u32 *out)
void avmVersionListImporterClose (AvmVersionListImporter *srv)
Result avmVersionListImporterSetTimestamp (AvmVersionListImporter *srv, u64 timestamp)
Result avmVersionListImporterSetData (AvmVersionListImporter *srv, const AvmVersionListEntry *entries, u32 count)
Result avmVersionListImporterFlush (AvmVersionListImporter *srv)

Detailed Description

AVM services IPC wrapper. Only available on [6.0.0+].